Designing Less But Better®
Ricky So is a graphic and identity designer with passion for logos and minimalist design. He collaborates with startups, non-profit organisations and businesses to express themselves and their products through iconic brand identities and beautiful designs.
He strongly believes that there is enduring beauty in simplicity and that good design is not just about aesthetic but also functionality, so he always strives to produce beautiful and functional design and at the same time he aims to create timeless identities.
Despite having a double degree in Information Management and Business Information Technology, Ricky So never had a formal training in graphic design. He is unschooled designer and only learned designing by using his senses through books and the internet under the tutelage of his design heroes like Massimo Vignelli, Paul Rand, Lance Wyman, FHK Henrion, Bob Noorda, Otl Aicher as well the modern-day design heroes like Jony Ive, Michael Bierut, Paula Scher, Debbie Millman, and Michael Johnson. 
Ricky fantasizes that if Pentagram and Chermayeff & Geismar & Haviv had a love child, it would be him. Or if Landor and Wolf Ollins had an adopted kid from a third world country in Asia, it will be Ricky So.
If not designing, he is day dreaming of qualifying for Boston Marathon (currently his PB is 3:19) and pursuing a Master's Degree in Design at the prestigious The Basel School of Design in Switzerland. For the mean time, kindly hire him so he can make his dreams come to reality.
Ricky So is an equatorial creature and currently based in the sunny Manila, Philippines. Connect with him at