Established in 2012, Melekon Construction Inc. is a relatively young construction company but what sets them apart among competitors is its expertise in the development and construction of Power plants and Reclamation projects across the country. Since Melekon is rapidly growing, Ricky So was tapped to redesign their identity as well their website and other collateral. This is the 3rd identity for the organization. Previous logos were always been a  crown since the name Melekon is derived from the word Mehlech which is 'king' in Hebrew and Tekton which is Greek for 'craftsman' or 'builder'. So we didn't veer away with the crown icon and work around it. After series of sketches we came up with a simple, unique and timeless logo. The new logo still has the crown but at the same time we were able to integrate the M icon (for Melekon) as well imagery of construction, building and foundation. We also dropped the 'Construction Inc.' in the logo to easily get familiarize with the brand name. 
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